DYRT Indonesia turns multiple disposable materials like billboard vinyl and toothpaste tubes into bags, accessories, office supplies and furniture items that are both fashionable and unique. Paying special attention to the quality of the designed products takes the use of recyclable materials to the next level.

All of our products are handmade locally by small home industries located in Java Indonesia.

Artisan Profile

DYRT Indonesia is a social enterprise founded in September 2008 in Jakarta, Indonesia by Karen Isdaryono and Beike van den Broek.

DYRT Brand

DYRT has three meanings:

DYRT is pronounced as ‘dirt’ (dûrt) because we design unique products made from trash that would have otherwise ended up in a landfill.

DYRT in Norwegian means expensive; to prove that even from dirt you can make something exclusive and give ‘dirt’ an expensive look.

DYRT is a question in the form of an acronym: ‘Do You Recycle Too?’ This is a question to make people think about the contribution they are making to a good cause and the environment by purchasing and using our products.